What's New?

  • In honor of our 35th anniversary, we are launching this new website! Its development involved a great deal of soul searching and led to the reconceptualization of the Gifted Development Center.

  • For the month of August, 2014, we are introducing the new K-12 Educational Planning service by offering a $100 discount!
  • Sunday, September 7th, is Grandparents’ Day.  To honor the important role of grandparents, throughout the month of September, the Gifted Development Center will offer a $200 discount on comprehensive assessment to all grandparents who wish to support their grandchildren’s giftedness. 
  • In the past, we have always offered a $200 discount to homeschoolers throughout the month of September. This year, because we are honoring Grandparents' Day in September, we are moving our homeschoolers discount to October. We have new services for homeschoolers and a special surprise.

  • Advanced Development – a journal on adult giftedness – seeks articles for Volume 15.

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Volume 14: Dabrowski and His Theory

Theory and research provide new insights into the life of Kazimierz Dabrowski and his Theory of Positive Disintegration and highlight his contribution to understanding psychological development, particularly in the gifted.

Challenging Highly Gifted Learners

Highly gifted students have unique needs, and in-class accommodations for the gifted rarely are adequate for those students.  The higher the level of giftedness, the more help that is needed to turn a risky school experience into a successful one.

Academic Advocacy

This completely updated, definitive manual on gifted advocacy guides parents and teachers from documenting a child’s abilities to providing reasonable educational options year by year. The necessity for daily accommodations in regular instruction (not just enrichment pull-outs) is emphasized... read more

Off the Charts

A book on profoundly gifted children and adults by the leading experts in the field. An exploration of the effects of asynchronous development on gifted individuals.

Giftedness 101 passionately reflects Linda Silverman's 50 years of experience in the field, and is a much-needed book on the psychology of giftedness rather than eminence.