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    Selecting the perfect gift for a gifted woman can be tough. The best gifts are those with meaning. If you are still searching for the perfect holiday gift for a wise, sensitive, intense, sometimes perfectionistic, amazing woman in your life, who can get to Westminster in June, this would be the... Read More

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    Did you know Sherlock Holmes’ traits show amazing similarities to our current conception of gifted individuals? Do you know how important the inner experience of giftedness can be in understanding oneself or how race, dyslexia, and giftedness intersect?

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    Introducing our new Director of Qualitative Research, Chris Wells, MSW, author and doctoral candidate in educational psychology. Her dissertation topic is a phenomenological exploration of the experience of parenting stress in parents of children identified as twice-exceptional.

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    Check out all of our Self-Assessment Instruments here!

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    Gifted Development Center (GDC) and Pearson Assessments have developed a new composite score for the WISC-V!

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2 Jun 2018 - 8:30am
Join Paula Prober and Linda Silverman on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, reflection and rejuvenation.

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This volume features articles on counseling and psychotherapy for those struggling with issues related to advanced personality development. Sal Mendaglio’s keynote address at the Dąbrowski Congress in 2016 discusses the role of dynamisms in the process of development.

Highlights include keynote addresses by Lawrence Nixon and Linda Silverman from the Dabrowski Congress in 2014. They address creativity and empathy, respectively, as major themes in the theory of positive disintegration.

Visual Leap is a how-to book for teachers, students and parents interested in making learning easier. In step-by-step fashion, it presents an effective, universal, visual method to teach students how to think independently and critically, and how to organize their ideas for any instructional...

Peace Within, Peace Between

Peace Within, Peace Between speaks to individuals of all ages who want to live fuller, more loving and satisfying lives, as well as to coaches and therapists who wish to be more effective in their professional efforts.

Challenging Highly Gifted Learners

Highly gifted students have unique needs, and in-class accommodations for the gifted rarely are adequate for those students.  The higher the level of giftedness, the more help that is needed to turn a risky school experience into a successful one.