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Call for Manuscripts for Vol. 15 of the Advanced Development Journal.

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Advanced Development Journal

Advanced Development Journal, Volume 13 is now available!

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Advanced Development is the first journal on adult giftedness. It is published by the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, a nonprofit research corporation dedicated to the study of giftedness, advanced development, and undeveloped potential in women.

We view adult giftedness in terms of the development of human potential--not potential for achievement, or "success" -- but potential for higher human values.

In Advanced Development we explore empathy, integrity, compassion, autonomy, responsibility, authenticity, moral courage, commitment, insightfulness, and more.


Are you an undetected gifted adult who needs more information on
adult giftedness?

As a gifted adult, you may know you are different but not realize why. Many gifted people experience:

  • a sense of humor and creativity few others understand
  • a sense of alienation and loneliness
  • outrage at moral breaches that the rest of the world seems to take for granted
  • being out-of-step and on a separate path


When you were a child, how many of the following characteristics were descriptive of you:

  • Were you advanced in your development of speaking, reading, or other skills in early childhood?
  • Were you fascinated with words or ideas?
  • Did you ask a lot of questions?
  • Did you have an unusual perspective of things and events?
  • Were you a good problem solver?
  • Did you have a good memory?
  • Were you exceptionally sensitive?
  • Did you have a great sense of humor?
  • Were you insightful?
  • Were you perfectionistic?
  • Were you intense?
  • Did you collect things and organize your collections?
  • Were you a rapid learner?
  • Did you show compassion for others?
  • Did you enjoy older playmates and the company of adults?
  • Were you argumentative?
  • Did you have a large vocabulary?
  • Did you have a creative imagination?
  • Were you an avid reader?
  • Did you have a wide range of interests?
  • Did you like puzzles, mazes or numbers?
  • Did you have a great deal of energy?
  • Did you have a long attention span?


If many of these characteristics fit you, you are probably a gifted adult. Giftedness was not commonly identified in children until recently, so many adults are unaware that they were gifted as children. But even those who were identified tend to believe their giftedness disappeared before adulthood.

If you are an undetected gifted adult, Advanced Development will lead you to greater self-understanding. As a gifted adult, you may be interested in contributing to this prestigious journal. Please see the authors' guidelines in the Call for Manuscripts for the upcoming issue:

Call for Manuscripts 
Advanced Development, a peer-reviewed journal that focuses uniquely on gifted adults and their concerns, is seeking
articles for its next publication. We invite manuscripts on the general themes of giftedness, advanced development, and the undeveloped potential. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Theoretical perspectives on giftedness
  • Research relevant to issues of gifted adults
  • Spirituality, meditation, and consciousness
  • Critical self-perception and self-evaluation
  • Creative individuals and the creative process
  • Multilevel development
  • Varieties of giftedness
  • Giftedness in other cultures
  • Moral exemplars
  • Counseling issues
  • Case studies of gifted adults
  • Poetry, vignettes, line drawings, black-and-white photos

We also feature articles on adult giftedness that we hope you'll find useful.

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Issues include:
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Volume 1 - Positive Disintegration

Volume 2 - Models of Integration

Volume 3 - The Possible Human

Volume 4 - The Self

Volume 5 - Valuing the Feminine

Volume 6 - Becoming Authentic

1995 Special Edition on Gifted Adults

Volume 7 - A Kaleidoscope of Creativity

Volume 8 - Counseling Gifted Adults

Volume 9 - Spirituality and Giftedness

Volume 10 - Exploring Intuition

Volume 11 - Social Issues of the Gifted

Volume 12 - Life Transitions

Volume 13 - Advanced Development


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