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Affective Curriculum for the Gifted

The Care and Nurturing of Giftedness

Career Counseling

Characteristics of Introversion in Children

Characteristics of Introverts

Counseling Needs and Programs for the Gifted

Counseling Needs of the Gifted

The Crucible of Perfectionism

Emotional Development of the Gifted Through the Lifespan

The Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Family Counseling with the Gifted

Guiding the Gifted: Waht are the Issues

"I Can Do It Myself" Reflections on Early Self-Efficacy

The Inner World of the Gifted Child

Introversion and Giftedness

Introversion/Extraversion Continuum

On Introversion

Issues in Affective Development of the Gifted

The Joy of Js

The Moral Sensitivity of Gifted Children and the Evolution of Society

The Moral Sensitivity of Gifted Children and the Evolution of Society (reprint)


Perfectionism (updated)

Personality Development and the Gifted

Personality Development: The Pursuit of Excellence

The Phenomenology of Giftedness

Preventive Counseling for the Gifted


Social and Emotional Education of the Gifted: The Discoveries of Leta Hollingworth

Understanding Introversion

The Universal Experience of Being Out-of-Sync: An Expanded View


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