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A letter to gifted children...


It isn’t easy being different.  We are taught that it is bragging to say—or even think—that we might be smarter than other people.  Doesn’t everyone have gifts?  Yes, everyone on the planet is a gift to humanity.  Being gifted does not mean being better than anyone else.  So what does giftedness mean?

To me, the gift in giftedness is the potential to make this a better world for everyone.  Every person on the planet has a different job to do.  Some jobs require more years of school than others—like doctors.  Some require greater knowledge of mathematics or computers or science or languages or art or music or poetry or mechanics or people.  You need to learn all you can so that you can do the life’s work that awaits you.  Only then can you make a difference in the world.

When you hold yourself back from learning all that you are capable of learning so that you won’t be ahead of your friends, you not only hurt yourself, you hurt the world.  For the world needs you to fully develop your talents and abilities so that you can do that special job that only you can do.

Giftedness is not about competition.  It’s not a comparison between you and others.  It just seems that way when you are in school and everybody is expected to learn the same things.  As you get older, you learn different things from other people.  You learn what you need to learn to do your own special job in the world.  Some of that learning you do on your own in books, via internet, or just by living.

If you dream about doing something important in your life, you can fulfill that dream.  Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and work toward making them a reality.  When you face roadblocks, ask for help around them.  And help others who need you and ask for your help.  Realize that you are not alone, that there are others like you all over the world.  Work together for the good of all.

Linda Silverman


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