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Counseling the Gifted & Talented,
Edited by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-89108-227-1


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This book remains the most popular textbook in courses for counseling gifted students. In addition, it has been purchased by many adults who gain greater awareness of what it means to be gifted. Cognitive complexity is usually accompanied by emotional intensity, both of which require different counseling techniques. A developmental model is presented that enables counselors to orchestrate a program of prevention rather than remediation. Specific strategies for individual and group counseling are provided.

Topics include teaching the gifted how to establish positive relationships with peers, cope with their perfectionism, develop ethical leadership skills, and make appropriate career choices.

    Linda Silverman   Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.,is a licensed psychologist.  She directs the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, and its subsidiary, the Gifted Development Center, in Denver, Colorado.  More than 5,000 children have been assessed at the Center since 1979.  Her Ph.D. is in educational psychology and special education from the University of Southern California.  For nine years, she served on the faculty of the University of Denver in counseling psychology and gifted education.  Her textbook, Counseling the Gifted and Talented (Love: 1993), is the most popular text in this area; it has been adopted at more than 50 colleges and universities. Her latest book, Upside-Down Brilliance:  The Visual-Spatial Learner (out of print), was released November, 2002.  Linda has been studying the assessment, psychology and education of the gifted since 1961 and she has contributed over 300 articles and chapters in this field.  
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