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At the Gifted Development Center, we recognize that finding an appropriate
education for your gifted child(ren) can be difficult and trying. We've collected contact information from schools specializing in gifted education from all over the U.S. for your reference.

Please note that for many of the schools listed, we do not have firsthand experience nor any other knowledge that the school will meet the unique needs of your child(ren). We offer this listing only as a starting point for parents of gifted children.


To see the list, which is a downloadable pdf file, please click here.

To see the state-by-state version of this list, please click here.

To see the schools in Colorado, please click here.



Where Shall I Send My Gifted Child to School?
by Barbara Gilman, author of Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children

For many gifted students, homeschooling offers the best way to meet a child's need for accelerated learning, learning at unusual times of the day, or accommodating unique needs.

We have assembled a listing of distance learning options available for those who seek outside course instruction. Again, we make no guarantee of the quality or service of these organizations.

To see the list, which is a downloadable pdf file, please click here.

For more information on homeschooling, including resources, please visit our homeschooling page.


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