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The Gifted Development Center has created a cadre of professionals in the field of giftedness to educate, encourage and support gifted people and the organizations that serve them throughout the world. National and world-renowned specialists in the field have gathered together to bring their expertise and knowledge to you through our Speakers’ Bureau.  Their specialties include:

  • Emotional/Social Development

  • Visual-Spatial Learners

  • Parenting & Parent Advocacy

  • Twice Exceptional Children &  AD/HD

  • Instructional Strategies & Curriculum

  • Research & Program Coordination

  • Counseling & Underachievement

  • Assessment of the Self

  • Gifted Girls

  • Homeschooling

  • Diversity

When gifted children are nurtured, society benefits. But when ignored or misdirected, they can become society’s misfits.  Gifted children have unique and special needs that deserve suitable methods and appropriations.  They can become dispirited in a traditional educational environment.

Our teachers and counselors need tools and strategies; our schools need funding and programs; parents need education and support; and gifted children need assessment, understanding, attention and an appropriate education.

The Gifted Development Center seeks to meet these needs through research, publication, consultation, and the Speakers’ Bureau

Experts in the field of giftedness stand ready to serve your needs.  Each speaker is well known and versed in the general field of giftedness.  Each has at least one specialty within the field and a unique style of presentation.

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Speakers and Topics

Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D(bio)

Visual-spatial learners; Why G/T programs? Counseling; Gifted girls; Social/Emotional needs of the gifted; Parenting; Gifted/LD

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Highlighted topic:


What does "reaching for the stars" mean to you? Those who go for the gold
are driven by perfectionism, intensity, overexcitabilities-traits that often
can be unnerving for parents. Impossible dreams are realized, unrealistic
goals achieved, insurmountable obstacles surmounted by individuals whose
vision is a more powerful reality than the limitations most of the world
accepts as real. The drive for excellence only visits those who have the
capacity to attain it. This drive has the potential for propelling one
toward unparalleled greatness or plummeting one into despair. We will
discuss ways of channeling this powerful energy. Those who reach for the
stars have parents who believe in them, who accept their intense
personalities, and who support their passions.

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Bobbie Gilman, M.S. (bio)

Parent advocacy; Highly gifted; Assessment
Linda Leviton, M.A., MFT (bio)

Visual-spatial learners; Emotional needs of the gifted; Parenting gifted and/or visual-spatial children; School Advocacy; Family systems; Family therapy

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Stephanie S. Tolan, M.A. (bio)

The creative process; Highly gifted; Parenting; “Is it a Cheetah?” Children’s literature

Karen Rogers, Ph.D. (bio)

What the research says re: G/T programming; Acceleration; Curriculum; Developing IEPs

Michael Piechowski, Ph.D. (bio)

Emotional giftedness; Spiritual giftedness; Dabrowski’s theory; Transpersonal psychology; Empowering techniques for children

Ken Seeley, Ed.D. (bio)

Reversing Underachievement; Program evaluation; Arts & the schools;
Delinquency; Early child G/T

Kathi Kearney, M.A. Ed. (bio)

Highly gifted; Homeschooling; Assessment; Internet resources; Curriculum; Family

Penny Choice, M.A., M. Ed. (bio)

Differentiation; Process/Problem-based learning

Nicky Marone, M.A. (bio)

Gifted girls; Parenting; Instructional strategies

Julie Gonzales, M.A. (bio)

Advocacy; School/parent partners; Legislation

Diana Howard, Ph.D. (bio)

Diversity; Reggio Emelia EC programs; Literature

Steven Haas, M.A., M.P.A. (bio)

Visual-spatial learners; Math strategies

Annette Revel Sheely, M.A. (bio)

Counseling; Developing friends; Assessment

Michael Davis, Ph.D. (bio)

Personality type; Conflict resolution; Counseling

Barbara Hutton, M.B.A. (bio)

Administration; Best practices; Asynchrony
Anne Beneventi (bio)
Elizabeth Meckstroth, M. Ed., M.S.W. (bio)
Patricia Gatto Walden, Ph.D. (bio)
Michele Kane, Ed.D. (bio)

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