Mary-Lou Cleveland, McKernan School

Thank you so much for spending the day with us at McKernan and providing a `bird's eye' view of our program. Your experience and love for the Gifted and Talented children is palpable and energizing. I feel blessed that George Richardson came into my life last September and introduced me to you! It was meant to be. When we were able to design a retreat for Breena, James, George, and myself it was a dream come true. During those three days, you and your team were able to open a window to the possibilities for an authentic Gifted and Talented Program.

A Grateful Grandmother

Last week the Gifted Development Center changed the life of my 10-year-old grandson, “James.”

Bennett Funk

Thanks to you for looking beyond dyslexia (learning differences) and seeing something special, gifted, and worthy in Bennett.  Thanks for helping us understand his need for a complimenting environment.  Bennett now feels the good, the strengths, and great qualities that are within him, and in his surroundings.  He has become proud, confident, excited – he is now enjoying his life and learning.  He also realizes that so much of what we did, and worked through was a search – for all of us.  His teacher conference was today.  It was very impressive.