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  • Linda Silverman is a psychologist who has studied giftedness in children for over 35 years. She’s written several books on the subject, including Giftedness 101 and is the founder and director of the Gifted Development Center and Visual-Spatial Resource in Denver, Colorado.

  • Thank you so much for spending the day with us at McKernan and providing a `bird's eye' view of our program. Your experience and love for the Gifted and Talented children is palpable and energizing. I feel blessed that George Richardson came into my life last September and introduced me to you... read more

  • I would like to propose a cure for height. Height is a social construction that provides unfair advantage to tall people.

  • A new form has been added to our GDC Forms resource to help identify gifted traits in adults. Take a look!

  • In honor of our 35th anniversary, we launched our new website! Its development involved a great deal of soul searching and led to the reconceptualization of the Gifted Development Center.

  • Gifted children have positive social development when they are respected in their families; when their parents value the inherent worth of all human beings; when they find true peers of similar ability at an early age; and when they interact with the mainstream after they have developed a strong... read more

  • Indeed, the remarkable emphasis on the school as an agent of socialization makes one wonder if anyone really cares about the development of these children’s abilities or if all that is important is whether they fit in!

  • Families in Northern California had been waiting a year for the Gifted Development Center (GDC) to come back to the Bay Area to test children. But there was no place to test them and the hotel rates were outrageous.

  • Last week the Gifted Development Center changed the life of my 10-year-old grandson, “James.”

  • Most of these employees are gifted and some are highly gifted. I spoke with Linda about the women I was seeing in our Women Moving Forward® workshop. They acted as if they were just lucky to be employed by these companies and worried that if their companies found out who they really were they... read more

  • Advanced Development – a journal on adult giftedness – seeks articles for Volume 15.

  • Betty Maxwell, M.A.


    This magical technique takes advantage of the natural ability of visual-spatial children to hyperfocus.

    1. Is his writing posture awkward (like a scrunched up pretzel)?
    2. Does he hold his pencil strangely? 
    3. Can you see the tension run through his hand, arm, furrowed brow?
    4. Does it take him much longer to write than anyone else his age?
  • By Betty Maxwell


    1. “I’m Going on a Picnic.”  Play games that involve auditory memory, such as “I’m Going on a Picnic.”  The first person says, “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m going to bring an ___________” (e.g., apple, armadillo, albatross, etc.—anything that begins with “a.”)  The second... read more