“What Do I Have the Energy to Do Today?”

Linda Kreger Silverman
Energy is a mysterious force within each of us. We are usually unaware of it until it abandons us. This week I came down with the norovirus. Goodbye energy. Sleep eluded me as well. No sleep, no energy. All I had the energy to do was lie in bed, resting my body. As my energy gradually rejoined its sacred union with my body, a simple but profound question entered my mind: “What do I have the energy to do today?”
This question had visited me before, when my batteries were low. Surprisingly, whenever I litened to the answer, I was led in a direction opposite of what I thought I “should” be doing. In each case, I discovered an answer to a vexing problem that I never would have found by doing business as usual. I wondered if asking this question activated a part of my mind/body that knew things my conscious mind did not know.
Coming down with illness right before Thanksgiving made me acutely aware of how blessed I am with seemingly endless energy to pursue all the creative ideas my mind comes up with. I remembered reading a passage in My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain researcher who suffered a left-hemispheric stroke. (See her life-changing Ted Talk at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyyjU8fzEYU) Jill urges us to deeply appreciate our bodies every single day.
I’m having a big love-fest with the fifty trillion molecular geniuses making up my body. I am so grateful that they are alive and working together in perfect harmony that I implicitly trust them to bring me health. The first thing every morning and the last thing every night, I faithfully hug my pillow, wrap one hand in the other, and consciously thank my cells for another great day. I care enough to say it out loud. “Thank you girls. Thanks for another great day!,” and I say it with intense feeling of gratitude in my heart. I then implore my cells, Please heal me, and I visualize my immune cells responding.
I unconditionally love my cells with an open heart and grateful mind. Spontaneously throughout the day, I acknowledge their existence and enthusiastically cheer them on. I am a wonderful living being capable of beaming my energy into the world, only because of them.
This Thanksgiving, please be grateful for the gift of your Energy. Remember times when it disappeared. Don’t take Energy for granted or it may vanish again. Try asking, “What do I have the Energy to do today?” and see if this infuses your life with inspiration and direction.
Please let me know what happens. I would love to hear your stories.
Happy Thanksgiving!
In gratitude for your presence in my life,