Holiday Gift Idea For Colorado Gifted Women

There is no better gift than that of experience. Material possessions usually disappear out of our lives. Experiences help form us and can remain in our memories forever. 
It is with this in mind that we announce the Gifted Women Symposium which will be held in Westminster, Colorado on June 2nd. Gifted Development Center is proud to be hosting this special event led by Dr. Linda Silverman and special guest, Paula Prober. Paula is a therapist for the gifted, blogger and author of the resonating book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth. It will be a day of rejuvenation, connection and learning about the unique characteristics and challenges of gifted women.  
Paula Prober has a deep understanding of what it is to be a gifted woman. After all, she has spent her entire life working with this population. We have included a description of her presentation for the symposium entitled, “Gifted Women - Rainforest Minds: Living With And Loving Our Complexities.”  
"Do you feel like not enough and too much at the same time? Are you overwhelmed by breathtaking sunsets, itchy clothes, strong perfumes, bad architecture, buzzing that no one else hears, angry people you don’t even know, needy friends, and world hunger? Do people tell you to lighten up when you’re just trying to enlighten them? Do you find decision making about your future career and deciding what color to paint the bedroom equally daunting due to the deluge of possibilities assaulting your frontal lobes? 
If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a rainforest mind. A personhood that runs faster, wider, and deeper than most.  But how do you navigate in a world that overwhelms you and tells you that you’re too smart for your own good?" 
In her talk, Paula will share examples from her counseling practice and her book to detail the complexities of adult giftedness and provide strategies and resources to help these women understand themselves, build healthy relationships, find self-acceptance, and create a better world.
Selecting the perfect gift for a gifted woman can be tough. The best gifts are those with meaning. If you are still searching for the perfect holiday gift for a wise, sensitive, intense, sometimes perfectionistic, amazing woman in your life, who can get to Westminster in June, this would be the perfect holiday gift! That gifted woman just might be you. We know you give to so many, but perhaps it is time to do something good for yourself. AND you can take advantage of the early bird price! Space is limited. To register, go to
Happy Holidays!