A Young VSL

Dear Powertools,
I'm am a recent college graduate , at this time I would like to find a career that best suits me. Currently I am a hairstylist,  My degree is in Fashion merchandising, I would like to get my masters in Marketing, and a career in market research. I have tried many things and would really love to settle into one career and gain experience. I feel as if I am wasting time and money without the proper direction. Do you have any ideas or suggestions.
A Young VSL
Dear Young VSL,
Well, it is certainly possible that a VSL could be a good Market researcher, especially if you were involved in creating the research instruments.  But, the key is that you use your problem-solving skills and creativity in ways that are not repetitive and stifling.  Your best bet is to get an internship doing what you think you might want to do for a career. Then find a mentor there to discuss the pros and cons of various aspects of the work in that field.  The good news is that even if it turns out you don't like it after your internship, VSLs are flexible and can apply their skills in a range of areas, as needed. In other words, you will find something else you like better. VSLs not only can "fill in the blanks" but also see things that others don't.  Their main work challenge is usually facing resistance to change, when they propose a better way to do something. 
Try not to think of your internship or beginning jobs as a "waste of time," even if they are not your eventual career. Because of your skills at observation, you will always be learning something, even if it is just what you do and don't want in your end career. And you may not even end up with just one career; your work might be a series of different activities that keep you interested because of their diversity. The great thing about being a VSL is that you can see the big picture, and just watch people to learn a new skill.  Explore a range of options, and try to keep an open mind---noticing all the factors that are important to you; for instance, you need a window to be happy, or if you are an extrovert, make sure you work with people. 
Best of luck on your journey,