Call for Manuscripts



Advanced Development offers a unique interdisciplinary publication outlet for theories, research, case studies, therapeutic approaches and issues related to giftedness.  Be a contributor to upcoming editions and share your research, your perspective, and your experiences with others: the official Call for Manuscripts, along with guidelines for submission, can also be found on our website.


We invite manuscripts on the general themes of adult giftedness, advanced development, and undeveloped potential. Through articles presenting theory, research, case studies, and gifted issues, the journal encourages the examination of personal potential and the lifelong challenge of rising to self-determined ideals. We are also interested in counseling applications, as well as tools for self-reflection and autopsychotherapy. Psychological, sociological, anthropological, educational, and artistic perspectives are welcome.


Advanced Development is committed to nurturing new voices in the study of adult giftedness; new authors and practitioners in fields beyond the traditional academic reach of gifted education are encouraged to contribute; our editorial staff works with authors to prepare papers for publication.


Submissions of Poetry and Other Art

"Poems are small moments of enlightenment."  

~Natalie Goldberg 

The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development (ISAD) views giftedness as an inner experience throughout the lifespan. In this spirit, in addition to several scholarly articles, each issue of  Advanced Development Journal includes a few submissions that speak expressively to inner struggles, development of individual human potential, and issues such as empathy, authenticity, and meaning.
Adrienne Rich wrote, "Every poem breaks a silence that had to be overcome." Poets--and, likewise, graphic artists--have something vital to say. If you would like to share artwork that evokes the experience of giftedness and the deepening of the personality, please contact us for submission guidelines.