A Journal on Adult Giftedness

Advanced Development is the first and only professional journal to address the unique issues of gifted adults.

Gifted for a Lifetime

Much of the research and application regarding giftedness has focused on gifted children, particularly in an educational environment. Adult giftedness has largely been associated with intellectual strengths and eminence. However, Advanced Development presents adult giftedness in terms of the development of individual human potential, rather than achievement or “success.” 

Resources about Adult Giftedness

Advanced Development is a refereed psychological journal, yet it contains accessible articles that people from a variety of backgrounds have found deeply meaningful in their search to understand their own giftedness. Articles in Advanced Development offer closer examination of issues such as emotional growth, moral courage, creativity, and authenticity. There are 
academic studies, but also resources for personal reflection, advocacy, and self-help.
The journal's focus is on
  • the study of giftedness across a lifetime, with an emphasis on gifted adults
  • advanced moral/emotional development, and
  • undeveloped potential, especially in women and under-represented populations.