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As I look back on 2012, I am awe-struck at the synergy of so many of our projects coming to fruition simultaneously. These 3 books would make ideal Christmas gifts. Click on the book titles to order.


Picture It! Teaching Visual-Spatial Learners

by Betty Maxwell and Crystal Punch, was just released.



P.I. book cover



Off the Charts: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child, edited by Christine Neville, Michael Piechowski, & Stephanie Tolan, was released TODAY. $30.00.





Giftedness 101, by Linda Silverman, will be released THIS FRIDAY. $25.00.



2e Advocacy
For the last two years, Bobbie Gilman has spearheaded an effort to make legislators and educators aware that twice exceptional children are overlooked under current federal regulations. This effort has culminated in the paper, "Critical Issues in the Identification of Gifted Students with Co-Existing Disabilities," co-authored with 15 leaders in the field. Stay tuned for more information about this important initiative. 



Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!  


May all your celebrations be joyous and filled with the Spirit of gratitude.



We are deeply grateful for your incredible support. With your help this last year, we raised enough money to move our offices, purchase new office furnishings, and begin the process of digitizing all of our files. Through a generous donation from The Beagle Foundation, we will start 2013 with a completely updated computer system-- all new Macs! THANK YOU!


The main goal of this year's fundraising campaign is to create a new, engaging, interactive website.


If you have been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you know that we champion invisible gifts that are overlooked in an achievement-oriented world: the twice exceptional, visual-spatial learners, gifted adults, etc. Our dream is to create a campus where individuals can learn about their own gifts, as well as how to assess and teach gifted children. Our new website will be a virtual campus where we can host webinars, podcasts, support groups, and serve you more effectively. 




We have received a $10,000 challenge grant. We need your help to meet this challenge.  See the end of the newsletter to learn how to donate.



Visual-Spatials in the News

Many thanks to reporter, Lisa Wirthman, who attended the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Conference. Lisa instantly recognized the similarities between what Jonathan Mooney and Linda Silverman were saying in their keynote addresses for the NAGC Parent Institute, sponsored by the Colorado Association for Gifted & Talented.  


Jonathan Mooney writes, "Brain scans of individuals with Mooney/Lindadyslexia show that while parts of the left hemisphere are smaller, the right hemisphere of the brain is often larger than average." "You can't divorce the deficit and the strength; they go hand in hand and intermingle in a really profound way." 


Lisa wrote an article for the Denver Post this past Friday focusing on visual-spatial learners.To read Lisa's article click here.  


Fall Convention Highlights

The Tribute to Dr. Annemarie Roeper, organized by Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented (BVGT), on November 14th at Mackintosh Academy in Boulder, Colorado was truly a peak experience. Speakers included Stephanie Tolan, Anne Beneventi,  Jim Delisle, Barbara Mitchell-Hutton, Ellen Fiedler, Michele Kane, Linda Silverman and Patty Gatto-Walden. Thank you to BVGT for creating such a memorable, moving event. (And the food was yummy, too! Such giftedcooks in Boulder!!)

Annemarie Tribute



The Global Gala at NAGC was equally magnificent. Deb Delisle, Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, delivered a sensational address on November 16th, followed by a national tribute to our beloved Annemarie, where many heart-felt sentiments were shared.  




Thank you to everyone who attended our GDC Open House. We had a wonderful turnout, with visitors from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Utah. Bobbie Gilman discussed why twice exceptional children need comprehensive assessment and I did a slide show on "What We Have Learned in 33 Years." Our waiting room worked perfectly for a small seminar. Great fun! 


open house



Finally,  linda tagt hat the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT) annual conference was held in Dallas this year. Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden keynoted the conference, and 
Linda Silverman offered two sessions on Dabrowski's overexcitabilities, as well as pre-conference sessions on introversion and assessment. Participants were given the opportunity to create their own hats. 





We are so incredibly grateful for your financial support.  You can make your donation in one of three ways: 
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This is a time of powerful transformation. All who are sensitive can feel it. Release "business as usual" and embrace the changes. Together we are creating a new world.


Many blessings at the holiday,



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