December 2015 - Hidden Gifted

Fundraising Edition
December 2015
Linda's New Blogposts
As part of our mission to shift attitudes about the gifted, Linda Silverman has begun a thought-provoking blog. Her first blog, “Is Height a Social Disease?" 
is a satire aimed at changing media portrayals of giftedness.  

Her second blog, “The Right to Struggle,” urges schools to provide more challenging work for the gifted. 

Her third blog, posted this week, “Giftedness is Who You Are,”opposes the view that giftedness is judged by what you do. 

Look for a new blogpost by Linda and colleagues every two weeks.
"Early identification of gifted children from poverty changes lives and benefits all of society, which is why the Gifted Development Center has a scholarship fund to find economically disadvantaged gifted children." ~ Linda Silverman
Help Us Continue the Search for the 
Hidden Gifted Among Us

Last year, our fundraising efforts were focused on establishing a scholarship fund for underprivileged children in need of testing. We are continuing this focus for the upcoming year. So many gifted children are hidden by poverty, language barriers and low expectations. Our first scholarship recipients, African immigrants, demonstrated stellar performance on IQ tests. Our testing will open many doors for them.

In addition to helping children in poverty, we are also planning to use your donations to support research on gifted children and promote public awareness of their needs. We have assessed over 6,000 gifted children in the last 36 years, and we are in the process of creating a data base to study their development. We plan to provide salons, podcasts and webinars to share our findings, in the hope of changing prevalent anti-gifted sentiment.

Double the Impact of Your Gift
We have received a Challenge Grant in the amount of $20,000. For every dollar you donate, it will be matched, doubling the impact of your gift.  The matching donations received will be used to support scholarships, research and community education. Please consider a generous donation to the Gifted Development Center. Your support will allow us to reach more children and make a difference in their lives.
Thank you. Your benevolence is truly appreciated. 
Research Grant
We are deeply indebted to Lisa T. Painter for her generous donation of a research grant in the amount of $25,000. Lisa's contribution will fund a full-time data entry position for seven monthswhich is necessary so that our data on gifted children can be utilized.  Please help us extend that position by contributing to the Challenge Grant.