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November, 2015
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"For a group of individuals who truly understand, on various levels and first-hand, the concepts of misperception, marginalization and outlier existence, why would we choose to turn away from, or tear down, a possible part of the human and gifted 
experience versus open our minds to the possibilities?"
      ~Catherine Zakoian
GDC Event for
Parents and Teachers of Gifted Empaths
Creating Sanctuary for Gifted Empaths: 
A Learning Lab for Parents & Educators
Saturday, January 16
 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Join us to: 
  • fortify your knowledge of the gifted empathic nature.
  • learn ways to help calibrate inner emotional balance.
  • develop strategies to offset the stress of the modern world.
  • better understand gifted empath relationship pitfalls.
  • gain tools to live more comfortably with empathic sensitivities.
 For further reading on moral sensitivity, empathy, and compassion, click here.
Introducing Catherine Zakoian, Licensed Professional Counselor, to our GiftedDevelopment Center community. 
 Catherine, Linda, and Kimmy at CAGT
We have been referring clients to Catherine in Boulder, Colorado, for many years. She brings great depth of insight, intuition and empathy to her work with children, adolescents and adults. Catherine has had considerable experience counseling profoundly gifted children; she is a familiar presence at PG Retreat in Colorado Springs. Now we are proud to announce that Catherine is seeing clients at the Gifted DevelopmentCenter in Westminster.
 Catherine, Linda, and Kimmy at CAGT.
Gifted Empaths 
by Catherine Zakoian, M.A., L.P.C.
I want to tell you more but we have to start here first… 

After my presentations at gifted events, when the room stands up to clear, a line of tear-stained faces starts to form to meet with me privately.  Or participants—men and women alike—pull me aside later, in the hallway or dining area, to tell me their surprise at their identification with my work.  In these conversations, brilliant and scholarly adults step forward to disclose what they know about themselves and their children: they are giftedempaths.  Their perceptivities and sensitivities allow them access to experience the feelings and sometimes thoughts and experiences of others.   

I feel the need to prove that I am a well-trained, grounded and credible gifted clinician. I want to share my expertise on how best to support yourself if you are a gifted empath or the children you serve who are gifted empaths, but I can’t just yet, until we have the following conversation first. Saying out loud that you are a gifted empath within the giftedcommunity is perhaps a little like the experience of being Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) in the movie, “Legally Blonde.”  Or, perhaps, saying out loud that you a gifted empath is a little like being gifted and admitting you ever watched and enjoyed the movie “Legally Blonde”!

Why do the individuals who come to my presentations on empathy have to pull me aside privately?  Why can’t they ask most of their questions or speak their truth aloud in the group presentation?  I think we all know that there can be some severe stigma in our community and society surrounding this topic. We can’t blame others for being cautious. Read more.
More About Catherine Zakoian 
Article ImageCatherine Zakoian, M.A., L.P.C., founded the Lumineux Institute in Boulder, Colorado, providing counseling and educational consultation to support human 
brilliance. Affiliated with the GiftedDevelopment Center, Catherine specializes in counseling giftedchildren and families and creating awareness of the complex facets of giftedness, especially related to highly intuitive and empathic gifted children.
After a week working with children and families at PGR Retreat, Catherine sat down with Kim Boham to share her thoughts and experiences about working with the profoundly gifted. Click the picture to watch this GDC Interview from July 2014. 
Click for interview.
Catherine offers workshops on Creating Sanctuary for Gifted Empaths. See the sidebar for her upcoming Learning Lab in January at the GDC.
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