Summer 2014 - California Testing Tour


              SUMMER 2014
GDC California Testing Tour
This past summer in California, we piloted our NEW testing package, the QQA (Qualitative AND Quantitative Assessment).  This is the most comprehensive way of understanding your gifted child. This state-of-the-art combination of assessment methods allows your children to demonstrate their abilities in both the structured environment of standardized testing and in the familiarity of your home, where your children are free to express themselves in any way they wish.
The reception we received was overwhelming, and we are planning to return to California and other states in the future. We are creating a list of families who are interested in this service so we can plan for future QQA testing tours.If you are interested in this opportunity for testing, please contact LeeAnn at the GDC office, and she will put you on a wait list.
If you are interested in testing THIS WEEK in Southern California, please contact LeeAnn immediately and she will provide you with the necesseary information and forms. We have limited spaces available!
Kim Boham, Communications Coordinator and Tester
         Dear Kimmy,
   I am interested in having my daughter tested, but I am concerned about the cost. Do you offer any discounts on your services?
       ~ Curious Mom in Connecticut
Dear Curious Mom,

As you probably already know, the GDC is known worldwide as the gold standard in gifted testing.  Dr. Linda Silverman has devoted her life to the psychology and education of the gifted. Our services reflect her knowledge and expertise, and her staff of experienced experts are second to none. You'll be pleased to know the assessment at the GDC will be comprehensive, throrough, and an experience your family will likely consider "life-changing". Click here for one testimonial.

You are in luck though! This is the time of year when we do offer a few special discounts. Discounts are offered for our new K-12 Educational Planning service, for Homeschoolers, and a special discount in honor of Grandparents for Gifted.
We are introducing a new service by Bobbie Gilman, Associate Director of the Gifted Development Center and author of Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children. For the month of August, 2014, we will offer a $100 discount for consultations on advocacy and educational planning with Bobbie. 
Sunday, September 7, is Grandparents’ Day.  To honor the important role of grandparents, throughout the month of September, the Gifted Development Center will offer a $200 discount on comprehensive assessment to all grandparents who wish to support their grandchildren’s giftedness. 
Homeschoolers Discount
In the past, we have always offered a $200 discount to homeschoolers for comprehensive assessment throughout the month of September. This year, because we are honoring Grandparents' Day in September, we are moving our homeschoolers discount to October. We have new services for homeschoolers and a special surprise. 
Call 303-837-8378 for more information on any of these discounts.
Do you have a question for Kimmy? Send it to her at [email protected]
The Whole Child Series
Did you miss Linda Silverman and Bobbie Gilman on BlogtalkRadio? Click on the following links to listen to their two-part interview on 2e children!
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Happy 35th to the Gifted Development Center! 
This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Gifted Development Center (GDC)! From our inception, GDC has given voice to the inner world of the gifted. While many define giftedness in terms of achievement or talent—outer manifestations, we have always championed the innate characteristics of giftedness, e.g.: 
  • Intensity
  • Curiosity
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Empathy
  • Sense of justice
  • Complex thought processes
  • Perfectionism
It is about who you are, not what you do.
GDC's Store on our NEW Website
Article ImageWe are thrilled to announce that our long-awaited new website is finally launched!  THANK YOU to all our supporters who donated the last two years to help make this website a reality.
Our store is a place to find the valuable resources to help you learn more about giftedness, visual-spatial learners, asynchrony, overexciteabilities and more.
Click here to see what is available!