Volume 6: Becoming Authentic

Is authenticity an ideal state of being or an ongoing process? If our goal is higher level development, what is higher and better in the moral sense and how do we know? Why does authenticity, so familiar and personal, always seem to elude us? Our search for the authentic self is not new, yet there may be more obstacles in our way today than ever before. In the 21st century, being authentic has become one of our greatest challenges.  Volume 6 deals with the issue of “Becoming Authentic” and offers some insights from a variety of perspectives ranging from the philosophical to the practical. In addition, Laurence Nixon argues that the inner struggle reported by many mystics corresponds to that experienced in Dabrowski’s higher levels of personality development, and Stephanie S. Tolan offers a new view of psychomotor overexcitability and how it might be more common to the gifted than previously believed. This issue was guest edited by Nancy B. Miller.