Volume 7: A Kaleidoscope of Creativity

Why does a writer write? Why does a painter paint? And if the painter has children to mother, how does she do it? This issue sheds light on several facets of creativity: the writer’s inner imperative, women who are painters and mothers, sources of creativity shared by the scientist and the mystic, the social contexts favoring lives of outstanding achievement, and the subtlety and versatility of the creative mind. To further understand advanced development, Anne-Marie Morrissey places it within the broader context of spiritual and mystical development across cultures in “Intellect as Prelude: The Potential for Higher Level Development in the Gifted.” In an exploration of moral development, Barry Grant ponders the unlikely pairing of moral commitment and moral relativity, not abstractly but in the life of a real person in “There are Exceptions to Everything: Moral Relativism and Moral Commitment in the Life of Hope Weiss.”