December 2015 - Hidden Gifted

Last year, our fundraising efforts were focused on establishing a scholarship fund for underprivileged children in need of testing. We are continuing this focus for the upcoming year. So many gifted children are hidden by poverty, language barriers and low expectations. Our first scholarship recipients, African immigrants, demonstrated stellar performance on IQ tests. Our testing will open many doors for them.

November 2015 - Gifted Empaths

Introducing Catherine Zakoian, Licensed Professional Counselor, to our Gifted Development Center community.

We have been referring clients to Catherine in Boulder, Colorado, for many years. She brings great depth of insight, intuition and empathy to her work with children, adolescents and adults. Catherine has had considerable experience counseling profoundly gifted children; she is a familiar presence at PG Retreat in Colorado Springs. Now we are proud to announce that Catherine is seeing clients at the Gifted Development Center in Westminster.

July 2015 - A Tribute to Michael Davis

Michael Davis left us May 6th, 2015. A few days later, I opened the May issue of The Sun, and was greeted with excerpts from Eckhart Tolle’s book, Stillness Speaks. Not a coincidence. Years ago, Michael Davis gifted me with Tolle’s The Power of Now. Looking back, I realize that he was saying, “Linda, this is who I am. Read this and see me.”

September 2014 - Imposter Syndrome in Relationships

Over 25 years ago we took our two sons, Charlie and Adam, to the Gifted Development Center for testing. That was when Linda introduced me to the article, “The Gifted Woman as Impostor” published in Advanced Development (Bell, 1990), based on Pauline Clance’s (1985) The Imposter Phenomenon. The article describes the Imposter Syndrome that most gifted women exhibit and how it keeps them from achieving. It also describes the way this syndrome develops in women and how to unlearn these behaviors.

Summer 2014 - California Testing Tour

This past summer in California, we piloted our NEW testing package, the QQA (Qualitative AND Quantitative Assessment). This is the most comprehensive way of understanding your gifted child. This state-of-the-art combination of assessment methods allows your children to demonstrate their abilities in both the structured environment of standardized testing and in the familiarity of your home, where your children are free to express themselves in any way they wish.

April 2014 - Misdiagnosis of the Gifted

-Are gifted children being misdiagnosed as having mental disorders like ADHD when they do not?
-What is the likelihood of a gifted child having a mental disorder like ADHD?
-Are gifted children more prone to having mental disorders and eating disorders than the average population?

March 2014 - Eating Disorders in the Gifted

The term “gifted” implies getting something desirable – a “gift.” However, the experience of being gifted does not always feel that way. Being gifted definitely comes with certain advantages, but it also sometimes comes with hidden vulnerabilities and potential liabilities.

January 2013 - The Gifted Development Center Newsletter

We are so happy you are part of our GDC family. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope the news we share is of interest to you and we are making a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

December 2012 - Holiday Edition

Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!
May all your celebrations be joyous and filled with the Spirit of gratitude.

May 2012 - News from the Gifted Development Center

Spring seemed to blossom overnight this year. GDC plunged into the WPPSI-IV study, and I immersed myself in writing Giftedness 101 for Springer (NY). As these projects wind down, we look forward to summer happenings. After 4 years, Miriam Darnell is moving back to Denver, the birthplace of her Druidawn creative writing groups and science fantasy writing, gaming and art workshops.