Dawn Kinard

Dawn Kinard, M.S., Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician, Affiliate, holds a Master's degree in Special Education from Texas A&M University, national certification as an Educational Diagnostician, as well as ESL and Special Education certificates. As an evaluator assessing students with learning disabilities in Plano, Texas, she makes recommendations for IEPs and Section 504 Plans.
For the three years Dawn lived in Denver, she was a vital part of the GDC team, testing complex cases and interacting effectively with schools on the children’s behalf. After her return to Texas, Dawn has continued to offer assessment for GDC clients in the Dallas area. Earlier in her career, Dawn spent three years teaching the gifted. In addition, she chaired the G/T admissions committee, screening and identifying students for the gifted program. As a Special Educator, she was a strong advocate for including twice-exceptional (2e) learners in the gifted program. Dawn’s specialization is identifying 2e students and working with parents and schools to develop appropriate learning plans.