Linda Powers Leviton

Linda Powers Leviton, M.A., MFT, Affiliate, is the Director of the West Coast office of the Gifted Development Center in California.  She specializes in assessing and counseling gifted and creative children, adults and families. Linda has worked and written with Dr. Linda Silverman since 1974, and later trained with Dr. Annemarie Roeper. She currently uses both quantitative and qualitative assessments to help parents and schools better understand a child’s educational, emotional, and social needs. 
Inspirational in the development of the visual-spatial learner construct, Linda offers the “Power Tools” advice column on Visual-Spatial Resource. She is also a member of the Gifted Development Center Speakers’ Bureau. Linda provides email, Skype and phone consultations, teacher in-services, parent workshops, guidance in school selection, and support for visual-spatial learners and their families.

Prior to working with us, she taught gifted children and raised three of her own.  Linda’s newbook, Peace Within, Peace Between: Your Relationship Toolkit, is a practical guide to understanding your gifts and applying them effectively.