Helen McVicar, MBA, Associate

Helen McVicar, MBA, Associate, is licensed by the Colorado Department of Education as a School Psychologist. She recently retired after 21 years working in Jefferson County Public Schools conducting comprehensive assessments and writing IEPs and 504 Plans, and providing mental health services, crisis management, applied behavior analysis and consultation. She has worked for GDC as an Associate since 1997 providing assessments of gifted children and young adults.

Vanessa Ewing, Ph.D., Associate

Dr. Vanessa Ewing, Ph.D., Associate, received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Individual Differences in Cognition. Over the last 15 years, she has served as a principal, preschool—middle school teacher, and academic advisor for children. Vanessa designed, coordinated and still serves as a lead instructor for an online Master’s Degree program for teachers at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, leading to licensure in gifted education.

Connie Tucker

Connie Tucker
Connie C. Tucker, M.S., N.C.S.P., Associate, holds a Master's degree in School Psychology, and a Diplomate in School Neuropsychology. She has held state and national certificates in school psychology since 1988. Connie recently retired after working for 20 years in Jefferson County Schools where she conducted psychological assessments to determine learning disabilities or emotional disorders, counseled at-risk children, and consulted with teachers to develop interventions to help children become successful in school.

Ann DeMers

 Ann DeMers

Ann W. DeMers, M.A., N.C.S.P., Associate, holds a Master's degree in Special Education and a state license as well as national certification in School Psychology.  She has recently retired with 31 years of experience in Jefferson County Schools as a special educator, classroom teacher and school psychologist. Ann’s experience includes teaching conflict resolution, anger management and social skills and supporting students with severe emotional disabilities. She has training and experience with students who are Twice Exceptional.

Nancy Miller

Nancy B. Miller, Ph.D., Associate, holds degrees in psychology and sociology and has received advanced training in family processes and children’s psychological adjustment. In 2008, she became Editor for Advanced Development, a journal on adult giftedness.
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