Board Member

James Sorrells

James Sorrells is Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at the Kerfkore Company. He became a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development in 2011. As someone who sees the good, positive and potential in all things, Jamie created an online newsletter, The Positive Observer, to highlight newsworthy positive events. His newsletter included such topics as, “Making Friends with an Enemy” and “What Do You Consider a Good Day?” where he reached out to educators, who, in turn, shared the questions with their students.

Mindy Solomon

Mindy Solomon, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Denver.  She is currently the Clinical Program Director for the Eating Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado and has specialized in child/adolescent and family assessment and treatment since 2000.  Mindy became a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Study of Advanced Development in 2010, and has ongoing collaboration with the Gifted Development Center.

Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes, B.A., is the Scholar Relations Officer of the Daniels Fund, a local private foundation. In 2006, Mary became a Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development.  She has been involved with gifted education since 1996, when she had her 5-year-old son tested and learned that he is highly gifted.  From 1997-2000, Mary served as the Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions at The Logan School for Creative Learning, a private K-8 school for gifted students in Denver.  Mary has spent most of her 30-year career in higher education.  She earned her B.A.

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, M.A., is an educator, poet and author. He teaches literature, writing and history at Tara Performing Arts High School in Boulder, Colorado. In his 41 years of teaching in secondary schools, he has taught language arts, Spanish and gifted/talented seminar. In addition, he served as the G/T Coordinator at Northglenn High School in Adams 12 School District. After earning his BA in English at Colorado State University, Bruce obtained his MA in education at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nancy Miller

Nancy B. Miller, Ph.D., Associate, holds degrees in psychology and sociology and has received advanced training in family processes and children’s psychological adjustment. In 2008, she became Editor for Advanced Development, a journal on adult giftedness.
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