Catherine Zakoian

Catherine Zakoian, M.A., L.P.C., Affiliate, founded and directs Lumineux Institute in Boulder, Colorado, providing counseling and educational consultation services to support human brilliance.  She has specialized expertise in counseling gifted children and families and creating awareness on complex facets of giftedness, especially related to highly intuitive and empathic gifted children.  She works with parents as they support their gifted child’s natural thrust towards health and functioning.  Her educational consultation focus is on organizational, leadership and educato

Linda Powers Leviton

Linda Powers Leviton, M.A., MFT, Affiliate, is the Director of the West Coast office of the Gifted Development Center in California.  She specializes in assessing and counseling gifted and creative children, adults and families. Linda has worked and written with Dr. Linda Silverman since 1974, and later trained with Dr. Annemarie Roeper. She currently uses both quantitative and qualitative assessments to help parents and schools better understand a child’s educational, emotional, and social needs. 
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