Bennett Funk

Thanks to you for looking beyond dyslexia (learning differences) and seeing something special, gifted, and worthy in Bennett.  Thanks for helping us understand his need for a complimenting environment.  Bennett now feels the good, the strengths, and great qualities that are within him, and in his surroundings.  He has become proud, confident, excited – he is now enjoying his life and learning.  He also realizes that so much of what we did, and worked through was a search – for all of us.  His teacher conference was today.  It was very impressive. He is described as a leader, incredibly responsible – to his peers and to himself and his work. I can’t even tell you how Bennett’s world has changed.  Everything, like biking, or going bowling, or watching a movie, or reading, or deciding things about the activities he is engaged with, or developing his passions and hobbies, doing language arts games, and doing his homework  - all feel so much more enjoyable for all of us, but especially him.  He laughs, and loves, and plays, and creates, and…………learns with a zest and a love of his life now.
-Steven Funk