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  • One hundred years ago, June 4, 1920, women in America won the right to vote. Few remember the role our Foremother of gifted education and psychology, Dr. Leta Stetter Hollingworth, played in that victory.

  • The population of the United States has never been so diverse as it today, and yet common bonds among its citizens have also never been so great. I Remember: Poems and Pictures of Heritage handsomely emphasizes both the diversity and the commonalities in the lives of children in America.

  • What would life be like without the USPS, which is actually older than the Constitution itself?

  • Mathematical precocity is one of the most remarkable types of giftedness; yet, it is ironic that so little is written about it. Amy Alznauer’s picture book biography of Srinivasa Ramanujan is breakthrough book for gifted children of all ages.

  • Leta Hollingworth helped get women the right to vote 100 years ago. She was considered the "scientific bulwark" of the suffragette movement. She conducted research studies to demonstrate that women were equal in intelligence to men.

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Discover Dabrowski’s concepts of overexcitability and dynamisms anew through translation, analysis, and research. Learn about the gifted self from personal experiences, reflections, and the Delphi Model of Giftedness. Poetry and book reviews are included.

This volume features articles on counseling and psychotherapy for those struggling with issues related to advanced personality development. Sal Mendaglio’s keynote address at the Dąbrowski Congress in 2016 discusses the role of dynamisms in the process of development.

Highlights include keynote addresses by Lawrence Nixon and Linda Silverman from the Dabrowski Congress in 2014. They address creativity and empathy, respectively, as major themes in the theory of positive disintegration.

Visual Leap is a how-to book for teachers, students and parents interested in making learning easier. In step-by-step fashion, it presents an effective, universal, visual method to teach students how to think independently and critically, and how to organize their ideas for any instructional...

Peace Within, Peace Between

Peace Within, Peace Between speaks to individuals of all ages who want to live fuller, more loving and satisfying lives, as well as to coaches and therapists who wish to be more effective in their professional efforts.