Our Services


For 35 years, we have specialized in recognizing and supporting giftedness in school and at home. We offer comprehensive assessment for gifted children, advocacy guidance for parents, and counseling for individuals and families. We have unique expertise with twice-exceptional children (gifted children with learning disabilities); highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted children; and gifted adults. 


The heart of our work is our two-hour post-test conference in which we collaborate with you on an Optimal Development Plan uniquely designed for your child. This plan may qualify your child for scholarships, enrichment opportunities, special programs or schools for the gifted throughout the country, or accommodations in the classroom and on standardized tests.


We assist parents in becoming better advocates for their children. We can also prepare individuals to advocate for themselves. Consultations are available for understanding your child’s giftedness, learning how to support strengths and weaknesses, re-interpreting prior test results, locating an appropriate school, designing a homeschooling curriculum, or understanding your own giftedness. We require a consultation to ascertain your child’s needs prior to comprehensive testing. Consultations can be in person, on the phone, or, in some cases, via Skype.


Gifted individuals have unique counseling needs. Our counselors have extensive experience working with the gifted. We offer couples counseling; family therapy; individual counseling; and creative methods of enhancing sibling relations, motivation and family harmony. We help our clients learn to reframe their experiences, enabling them to gain control over their reactions.  Counseling is available in person, by phone and via Skype.


Getting Started


Contact GDC at [email protected] or 303-837-8378. We will send you informational forms to learn more about your child. After you complete the forms, we will schedule a phone consultation with one of our senior staff members. This consult, which lasts one or two hours, ascertains your child’s needs, determines if assessment in needed and which tests will be most beneficial, and addresses many of your questions and concerns.