Is Your Child Gifted?


Why Choose the Gifted Development Center


Over 35 years, GDC has established the standard of excellence in the assessment of giftedness. We are internationally recognized experts in identifying giftedness, even when masked by learning challenges. We use a team approach, so that you benefit from the vast experience of several professionals. When working with our testers, your child is given the opportunity to demonstrate the full strength of his or her abilities. 


Not everybody “gets” gifted.  As a research center, the GDC is at the leading edge in understanding this population. We select instruments, subtests, and scoring methods specific to this population, and interpret test results in a unique manner. We are knowledgeable about all ages (from pre-school to adult); various types of twice exceptionality; visual-spatial learners; overexcitabilities; and advocacy. We do not just give your child a test; we provide you with a roadmap for your child’s future.



Why Kids Love Testing at GDC


Gifted children usually enjoy testing, because it gives them an opportunity to stretch their minds and tackle difficult problems.  They delight in having the full attention of an experienced examiner who takes pleasure in each success.  We love gifted children and they feel recognized here.  Our child-centered atmosphere enables your child to show us what he or she really knows instead of hiding. Our examiners excel at gently probing for further information when a child says, “I don’t know.”  They are skilled in developing rapport with shy children and keeping active children engaged.  Children often say they are sorry when the testing is over and ask when they can come back and see us.



What We Offer


When you contact us, you will receive a set of forms to complete that assist us in gaining a comprehensive picture of your child. These measures include:


·      Characteristics of Giftedness Scale

·      Visual-Spatial Identifier

·      Overexcitability Inventory for Parents

·      Introversion/Extraversion Continuum

·      Short Sensory Profile

·      Behavioral Checklist

·      Developmental Questionnaire


Once you have returned the completed forms, you will have a Diagnostic Consultation with a senior staff member to discuss which tests would be most beneficial in a comprehensive assessment for your child.


Our comprehensive assessment includes scoring and interpretation of all of these forms, an individual IQ test, a self-concept scale, an achievement test, and a two-hour post-test conference, in which we design with you an Optimal Development Plan for your child. The process results in a detailed report that will serve as the template for your child’s educational career.


The IQ test is needed to establish objective evidence of children’s intelligence and the extent of their advancement in relation to others their age. We administer different IQ scales depending on your child’s age and whether IQ tests have been administered recently. IQ tests measure abstract verbal reasoning, visual-spatial reasoning, working memory and processing speed. They are the key to gaining your children the provisions they need.


The self-concept scale gives you a window into the inner world of your child. It measures three domains for children under 8, six for children 8 -12, and nine for teens. They all assess your child’s confidence in their school performance, how easy or difficult it is for them to make friends, and how confident they are in their physical abilities. For children 8 through 12, the scale also measures how they feel about their appearance and behavior, and provides an assessment of their general sense of self-worth. Teens have three additional scales: close friendships, job competence and romantic appeal. Teens complete an importance scale, indicating how important they feel each domain is for them.


Achievement tests give us a fuller picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and can reveal hidden learning disabilities. Because achievement usually approaches IQ, if your child’s achievement scores surpass his or her IQ scores, we trust that the achievement scores are a better estimate of your child’s abilities. The achievement test measures your child’s reading comprehension, reading speed, ability to identify words, calculation skill, mathematical reasoning, speed of computation, spelling, and writing ability. Additional subtests are administered if needed. The test also provides grade level equivalencies to help determine appropriate grade placement.


We also offer, Qualitative Assessment, emotional assessments, clinical interviews, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and a variety of other measures upon request to supplement the information obtained.


After assessment is complete, we go over all of the test results with you and their implications, and design with you an Optimal Development Plan for your child. This segment of the process is, in some ways, more important than the testing itself. It is where we take everything we have learned through testing your child and give it practical application in the real world. The post-test conference is the heart of our work.  For more information about the post-test conference and the Optimal Development Plan, click here.