GDC Qualitative Assessment


After 50 years working with the gifted, Annemarie Bondy Roeper—educator, author, and co-founder of The Roeper School for the gifted—created Qualitative Assessment (QA), as a more expansive way to define and identify giftedness in children.  QA determines giftedness based on the emotional characteristics, personality traits and reasoning strategies known to correlate with advanced cognitive ability.  The method relies on the expertise of certified practitioners to appreciate the qualities of the child not measurable by quantitative means. 


During the QA process, practitioners combine their professional training and knowledge with their direct experience of the child to fully understand the child’s needs and abilities.  Additionally, they analyze information provided by parents’ responses on Gifted Development Center forms and inventories. The result is a broad awareness of the qualities of the individual in the context of their giftedness.  Specific recommendations are offered to guide parents and teachers in providing individualized social, emotional and intellectual support to the particular child.


QA can be used as an alternative to IQ testing or in conjunction with it and is currently being successfully used to qualify children for gifted programs and schools.


Qualitative Assessment is available in Northern and Southern CA and there are plans for expansion.

For more information contact: 

Northern CA: 

Anne Beneventi: [email protected]

Southern CA:

Linda Leviton: [email protected]