Gifted people of all ages have certain unique characteristics and emotional needs. As with other minorities, they are often marginalized, misunderstood, isolated or ridiculed. The gifted are asynchronous—they develop unevenly and feel out-of-sync with age peers—which is confusing for the youngster, as well as for parents and teachers. They often experience life with greater intensity and sense of purpose, yet feel the eternal outsider. Add to this the confusion of their overexcitabilities and other personality traits that make life complex and overwhelming, and you have a recipe for a range of fears and self-esteem challenges. This can lead to interpersonal difficulties and emotional distress at any age.


Because of our extensive experience working with the gifted population, as well as being gifted adults ourselves, we understand the dynamics of being gifted. We support our clients as they work to sort-out and better integrate their gifted personality characteristics. We help them resolve their existential angst and their relational dilemmas, uncover their purpose and passion, appreciate their gifts, and optimize their development. The gifted yearn for insights from those who can follow their reasoning, as well as original and creative responses to problems. We validate their perceptions and help them explore new, more fulfilling possibilities.


We are pleased to offer in-person and Skype counseling services via our staff and affiliated partners. Our therapeutic team of gifted specialists assists children, adolescents, adults and families to understand their giftedness, resolve issues, and move toward authentic and optimal well-being. Each treatment plan is individualized to meet the client’s particular unique needs, using a range of clinical strategies—from cerebral to concrete. If you, or your children, have previously experienced unfulfilling therapeutic experiences and are ready to co-create new options for the future, call one of our trained psychotherapists to facilitate and advance the progress of your journey.