K-12 Educational Planning

Is your child’s gifted program minimal?  Do you live in a district without designated schools for the gifted?  Are there a few gifted schools, but your child will never get off the waiting list?  Has your child not been identified, but shows gifted characteristics?  Is your district or school conflicted just by the term “gifted”?  Are YOU conflicted by the term “gifted”?  Do you have a child who asks, “Why do we have to keep doing this when I learned it last year?”  Could these things be related? 

We feel your pain!  Our mission is to help families understand their gifted child’s unique learning needs and navigate educational planning.   


Because most gifted students learn quickly and need advanced materials taught at their level, they are a mismatch with typical curricula and instruction.  “Who will plan for my gifted child?” is an important question, since schools often overlook the students who perform at or above grade level.  For the gifted student, a steady diet of “too easy and too slow” can not only fail to develop strengths, but also undermine motivation to learn. 


Fortunately, many schools with weak gifted programs can be coaxed to provide options when parents share individual assessment results and recommendations from professionals documenting the child’s abilities, learning rate, learning style and current achievement levels.  This evidence often becomes the basis for implementing accelerative options, mentorships, substitution of online coursework, enrichment or other meaningful options.  A successful weaving of such options can transform a frustrated learner into a child who is motivated to learn, work hard, and undertake challenges. 


We can help you address the issues that arise as your gifted child develops year by year.  How do you sensitively address your child’s differences and understand gifted personality traits?  What is the justification for supporting a gifted student’s different educational needs?  Are modifications needed when you just want your child to be happy?  Is enrichment sufficient to meet your child’s needs?  Can you augment your child’s studies at school with advanced instruction at home?  Will your child feel uncomfortable doing an online learning program or other individual project that classmates are not also doing?  Will you undermine your child’s self-confidence or social development with acceleration? If you don’t want your child to be out-of-sync or to start college at 10, what should you do?  See "Will My Child Be OK? Tell Me About the Big Picture" for answers to many of these questions.


We are available for high quality gifted assessment, options to develop a child’s strengths, guidance to mitigate weaknesses for a twice-exceptional child, and help for the highly to profoundly gifted child.  We can help you develop a roadmap for your child’s future.  This is the specialty of the Gifted Development Center and we are happy to share it with you.