Linda Powers Leviton

Linda Powers Leviton, M.A., MFT, Affiliate, is the Director of the West Coast office of the Gifted Development Center in California.  She specializes in assessing and counseling gifted and creative children, adults and families. Linda has worked and written with Dr. Linda Silverman since 1974, and later trained with Dr. Annemarie Roeper. She currently uses both quantitative and qualitative assessments to help parents and schools better understand a child’s educational, emotional, and social needs. 
Inspirational in the development of the visual-spatial learner construct, Linda offers the “Power Tools” advice column on Visual-Spatial Resource. She is also a member of the Gifted Development Center Speakers’ Bureau. Linda provides email, Skype and phone consultations, teacher in-services, parent workshops, guidance in school selection, and support for visual-spatial learners and their families.

Prior to working with us, she taught gifted children and raised three of her own.  Linda’s newbook, Peace Within, Peace Between: Your Relationship Toolkit, is a practical guide to understanding your gifts and applying them effectively. 

Anne Beneventi

Anne Beneventi, B.A., Director, AMR Method of QA, Affiliate, has focused on meeting the emotional and intellectual needs of gifted children throughout her career.  She worked with Annemarie Roeper for over a decade and is Director of the Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment (QA).  She currently has a private practice, evaluating children for giftedness using QA and consulting with families and schools to provide appropriate educational and emotional support for gifted children. She serves as Chair of the Global Awareness Network of the National Association for Gifted Children and on the board of Gifted Homeschool Forum.  Anne taught at Nueva School for the gifted, as well as co-founding three schools for the gifted: Kaumaya International School in Alexandria, Egypt, Roeper West in Berkeley, CA and Helios New School in Palo Alto, CA, where she continues to evaluate all children for admissions using QA. 

Dawn Kinard

Dawn Kinard, M.S., Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician, Affiliate, holds a Master's degree in Special Education from Texas A&M-Commerce University, national certification as an Educational Diagnostician, as well as ESL and Special Education certificates. As an evaluator assessing students with learning disabilities in Plano, Texas, she makes recommendations for IEPs and Section 504 Plans.
For the three years Dawn lived in Denver, she was a vital part of the GDC team, testing complex cases and interacting effectively with schools on the children’s behalf. After her return to Texas, Dawn has continued to offer assessment for GDC clients in the Dallas area. Earlier in her career, Dawn spent three years teaching the gifted. In addition, she chaired the G/T admissions committee, screening and identifying students for the gifted program. As a Special Educator, she was a strong advocate for including twice-exceptional (2e) learners in the gifted program. Dawn’s specialization is identifying 2e students and working with parents and schools to develop appropriate learning plans.