What's New at the Center?

  • The mission of our nonprofit 501(c)3 agency is to find and serve 2e and other under-served gifted groups. We support advanced development in adults: empathy, responsibility and commitment to service. Please support these values.

  • Call me crazy, but I want my brain surgeon to be smart. What happened to smart in the success equation? When did smart become such an unpopular concept?

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  • Recently, parents contacted me about testing their daughter on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V), asking specifically that we use the new National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) guidelines for administering the test! Her brother’s examiner hadn’t used... read more

  • Emily Kircher-Morris interviews Linda Silverman on her Podcast, Mind Matters!
    Click here for more information and to listen
  • Why is it important to know? 
    You will gain greater self-awareness. 
    You will be able to develop your gifts for the good of all instead of hiding them to fit in better.
    You will find peers who truly understand you.
  • How is it possible that you see yourself as a lazy not-so-smart slacker and others see you as so-lucky-to-be-gifted? How can your sense of yourself be so different from how others see you?

    Like life in the rain forest, it’s complicated.

    Click here to watch as Tina Harlow with Guiding Bright interviews Dr. Linda Silverman in Copenhagen, Denmark about what goes on in the mind of a gifted woman.


  • Did you know Sherlock Holmes’ traits show amazing similarities to our current conception of gifted individuals? Do you know how important the inner experience of giftedness can be in understanding oneself or how race, dyslexia, and giftedness intersect?

  • Introducing our new Director of Qualitative Research, Chris Wells, MSW, author and doctoral candidate in educational psychology. Her dissertation topic is a phenomenological exploration of the experience of parenting stress in parents of children identified as twice-exceptional.

  • Check out all of our Self-Assessment Instruments here!

  • Gifted Development Center (GDC) and Pearson Assessments have developed a new composite score for the WISC-V!

  • Congratulations, Linda Silverman!

  • Advanced Development - a journal on adult giftedness - seeks articles for Volume 17

  • In honor of our 40th year, Gifted Development Center/ISAD is hosting an international symposium to help the world embrace the unique inner world of the gifted. Due to the crisis of COVID 19, we are postponing all symposium 2020 events.