Social Development in the Gifted

Gifted children have positive social development when they are respected in their families; when their parents value the inherent worth of all human beings; when they find true peers of similar ability at an early age; and when they interact with the mainstream after they have developed a strong sense of their own acceptability.

Social Development or Socialization?

Indeed, the remarkable emphasis on the school as an agent of socialization makes one wonder if anyone really cares about the development of these children’s abilities or if all that is important is whether they fit in!

A New Twist on the Gifted Woman as Imposter

Most of these employees are gifted and some are highly gifted. I spoke with Linda about the women I was seeing in our Women Moving Forward® workshop. They acted as if they were just lucky to be employed by these companies and worried that if their companies found out who they really were they would be fired and unable to find a job with another company.

Perfectionism as a Vehicle for Transformation

Keynote address for 9th International Congress on The Theory of Positive Disintegration, St. Charles, IL, July 24, 2010

Are Gifted Children Frequently Misdiagnosed?

Misperceptions About Giftedness and Diagnosis of ADHD and Other Disorders