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Bobbie Gilman and Linda Silverman will use this opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and reactions to events informally.

“What Do I Have the Energy to Do Today?”

This Thanksgiving, please be grateful for the gift of your Energy. Remember times when it disappeared. Don’t take Energy for granted or it may vanish again. Try asking, “What do I have the Energy to do today?” and see if this infuses your life with inspiration and direction.

Shout it From the Rooftops!

* Does your gut tell you that your child’s Full Scale IQ score on the WISC-V is not right?
* Did the examiner only give 7 subtests of the WISC-V? Or 10?
* Did your child have low scores on Working Memory or Processing Speed?
A new index is now available that can give you a better estimate of your child’s actual intelligence.

My Friend George Betts

Yesterday, we lost a very dear human being whom I was honored to call my friend. George deeply loved his family and he really loved gifted education. He dedicated his life to enhancing our understanding of the gifted. George never stopped learning, growing, contributing, being excited with life. In his last slide, he invited all of us to become lifelong learners.

“The Best Dad Ever!"

This month we pay tribute to the phenomenal role Dads play in the development of their children. In the early years, most of the families we worked with had clearly defined roles. Dad was the breadwinner and Mom was in charge of childcare, including the child’s education. Most of our calls were from mothers. Fathers usually had to be convinced that it was worth the money to have their child tested.

Brilliant Moms—Our Unsung Heroes

Children who do not fit the mold are lucky to have mothers who advocate for them, despite the looks and the jeers they face as “overinvolved” mothers. But who advocates for the Moms? Who honors the important role mothers play in their children’s development?

When Did Smart Become Unfashionable?

Call me crazy, but I want my brain surgeon to be smart. What happened to smart in the success equation? When did smart become such an unpopular concept?

Important News for Gifted Children Tested on the WISC-V

Recently, parents contacted me about testing their daughter on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V), asking specifically that we use the new National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) guidelines for administering the test! Her brother’s examiner hadn’t used those, and the new scoring methods might help their daughter. Parents, you never fail to impress us! Let’s share this important secret with all advocates for gifted and twice exceptional children.

What Does Gifted Look Like? Clearing Up Your Confusion

How is it possible that you see yourself as a lazy not-so-smart slacker and others see you as so-lucky-to-be-gifted? How can your sense of yourself be so different from how others see you?

Like life in the rain forest, it’s complicated.

Linda Silverman: Being a Gifted Woman

Click here to watch as Tina Harlow with Guiding Bright interviews Dr. Linda Silverman in Copenhagen, Denmark about what goes on in the mind of a gifted woman.


For more information and to register for the upcoming Gifted Women Symposium, visit

Is Your Child Smarter than her IQ Score?

We tested a child who didn’t meet the cutoff for the gifted program in his school district; yet, at GDC, he qualified for the Davidson Young Scholar Program, scoring at the 99.9th percentile. How is this possible? When testing for giftedness, false negatives are common. There are endless reasons why gifted children might score lower than their true capabilities.


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