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Bobbie Gilman and Linda Silverman will use this opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and reactions to events informally.

What can be gained through homeschooling

Families in Northern California had been waiting a year for the Gifted Development Center (GDC) to come back to the Bay Area to test children. But there was no place to test them and the hotel rates were outrageous.

From Worry to Wonder to Wonderment

I want to share an epiphany. One of the blessings of giftedness is an exquisite ability to worry. If they gave grades in school for worrying, gifted people would earn A+ in this subject. You don’t have to be gifted to worry, but it really helps. Think of it this way. To be a truly great worrier, you have to have a wonderful mind (Intellectual Overexcitability) that has greater awareness, can generate possibilities, can predict consequences and can see trends.

No Bullying

Hail to Our Heroes



I am in constant awe of the families we work with.  Their children come first. They will move heaven and earth to find the key to their children’s success and happiness. They do not give up when faced with obstacles or derision.
They are an inspiration for us all.


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