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Learning styles specialist, Linda Leviton, will continue to address questions submitted by readers about visual-spatial or  tactile-kinesthetic learners. This column first appeared on Visual-Spatial Resource.

A Young VSL

The great thing about being a VSL is that you can see the big picture, and just watch people to learn a new skill. Explore a range of options, and try to keep an open mind---noticing all the factors that are important to you...

Frustrated VSL Nurse

For most people, finding their purpose in life is a strong drive...it may be that yours will require a creative direction that uses those special VSL skills to unfold.

Mom of our Colorful VSL

Many schools do not do a very good job of teaching anything but auditory sequential learners. Even the ones that do well in the primary grades will lose us around third grade, which is the most common time for VSLs to feel the gap.

VSL Teen

Remember, your VSL gifts are ones that make you unique. At 15 you probably just want to "fit in" and have your life be a little easier; in the outside world of career and purpose, that creative spark is what will help you achieve innovation and excellence.

Extremely Concerned Parent

Gifted boys are often considered immature because they are sensitive and cry when hurt; in fact, that is typical of gifted boys because their sense of justice, perceptions and feelings are fine-tuned, so they are easily hurt.

Anxious 10-Year-Old

It is very normal for children to have anxiety over unknowns, especially if they have previous unpleasant experiences in similar circumstances. Additionally, many children do not like any changes or surprises, and you should warn them before expecting a transition to a new activity (i.e., "In 10 minutes we need to go home, so start cleaning up in 5 minutes.").

Abstract Thinking 8-Year-Old

It might take some research, but seeing your son excited about learning and motivated to expand his world, not to mention feeling good about his gifts, is a very empowering and rewarding experience.

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