Dr. Jerry Flack, Professor Emeritus and President's Teaching Scholar Emeritus at the University of Colorado, will be reviewing excellent children's books for gifted readers.

New Kid: A Gifted African American in a Private Middle School

The most highly honored work of juvenile fiction in 2020 is Jerry Craft’s funny, poignant, and insightful graphic novel, New Kid. The cover design words tell it all, “Middle School is hard enough without being the New Kid.”

Diversity Celebrated

The population of the United States has never been so diverse as it today, and yet common bonds among its citizens have also never been so great. I Remember: Poems and Pictures of Heritage handsomely emphasizes both the diversity and the commonalities in the lives of children in America.

Dreams of Infinity

Mathematical precocity is one of the most remarkable types of giftedness; yet, it is ironic that so little is written about it. Amy Alznauer’s picture book biography of Srinivasa Ramanujan is breakthrough book for gifted children of all ages.

Swimming with Ben

A Ben of All Trades: The Most Inventive Boyhood of Benjamin Franklin is a brief glimpse of the robust and rousing childhood of a man who became a towering figure in his own time as America’s finest printer, best scientist and inventor, greatest statesman and diplomat, and the young nation’s first popular and successful writer.

Nancy Drew & National Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month. In 1987, Congress first declared the month as a time to reflect upon the great contributions of women in both history and contemporary society. One of the more unlikely heroines to be celebrated, Nancy Drew, is not drawn from real life, but from the world of fiction.

The Undefeated: An American Masterwork

Alexander, Kwame. The Undefeated. Illus. by Kadir Nelson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Versify, 2019.

Book of the Year!

Mackesy's seemingly simple fable of a lonely young boy and his unlikely three anthropomorphic animal friends presents a magical journey they take as winter turns to spring in England. Just as the four characters engage in a plain yet powerful dialogue that reveals an ideal world of love, friendship and kindness, so also does the author carry on a conversation with readers who will marvel at the beautiful integration of exquisite color and black-and-white drawings and gentle words of wisdom.

Leading the Way

Leading the Way: Women in Power is a great new collective biography of 50 American Women that commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the women’s right to vote first realized in 1920.

Welcome to the Museum: Historium

What could be more fitting for gifted youths than to have museums right in their own homes that are accessible every hour of the day and every day of the year? Welcome to the Museum: Historium is one volume in a series of large format nonfiction books that simulate the experience of visiting museums devoted to such scholarly fields of knowledge as archaeology, botany, zoology, paleontology, and astronomy.

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain is one of the finest historical novels every written for children and young adults. The theme of freedom and liberty for every person regardless of nationality or station in life fits perfectly with emotions of the patriots of Boston in the 1770s and is universal.

All The World’s A Stage

Biographic Shakespeare is one volume in a new series of unique biographies, Biographic: Great Lives in Graphic Form. So many facts of Shakespeare’s life and the world in which he lived are presented in Biographic Shakespeare that even readers previously well informed about the world’s most famous dramatist will still learn fascinating new information.

Get to Know Georgia O'Keeffe

"The meaning of a word – to me – is not as exact as the meaning of a color. Color and shapes make a more definite statement than words."

Georgia O’Keeffe, 1976

Caldecott Medal 2019

“Lighthouses are not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a human story at every lighthouse; that’s the story I want to tell.”
Elinor DeWire

Children’s and Young Adult Book Awards 2019

The world of children’s and young adult book awards is nearly a century old and has expanded in myriad directions to a wide recognition of authors, illustrators, and their works. The two most famous and prestigious prizes remain the Newbery and Caldecott Medals.