Lost IQ Points: the brighter the child, the greater the loss


The Gifted Development Center originated on the campus of the University of Denver in June 1979, and is supported by fees for services.  Families served are primarily from Caucasian middle and upper middle class urban backgrounds.  Parents seek the services of the Center to determine if their children are eligible for acceptance in private schools and enrichment programs for the gifted or to ascertain why their children are underachieving in school.  Item analysis revealed that many of the underachievers performed well beyond their age level on abstract verbal reasoning (e.g., similarities, vocabulary, comprehension) and complex visual-spatial tasks (e.g., counting arrays of blocks in which some are hidden, copying complex designs, and putting together puzzles), while often missing simpler auditory sequential items (e.g., repeating digit sequences, recalling information in a paragraph, naming the days of the week in order, and repeating a sentence).  This unusual pattern of strength and weakness depressed their IQ scores.


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