Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, M.A., is an educator, poet and author. He teaches literature, writing and history at Tara Performing Arts High School in Boulder, Colorado. In his 41 years of teaching in secondary schools, he has taught language arts, Spanish and gifted/talented seminar. In addition, he served as the G/T Coordinator at Northglenn High School in Adams 12 School District. After earning his BA in English at Colorado State University, Bruce obtained his MA in education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has served as Secretary of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) and has presented at state, national and international conferences. He joined the ISAD Board in 2011. Bruce prizes poetry writing as a powerful strategy, not in a limited sense, but in every academic undertaking—humanities to science. His upcoming book, Pearl in a Petri Dish: Poetry, Gifted, and the Visual-Spatial Learner (Enchanted Forest Press), is a guide for teachers to infuse poetry in all subjects. 

Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes, B.A., is the Scholar Relations Officer of the Daniels Fund, a local private foundation. In 2006, Mary became a Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development.  She has been involved with gifted education since 1996, when she had her 5-year-old son tested and learned that he is highly gifted.  From 1997-2000, Mary served as the Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions at The Logan School for Creative Learning, a private K-8 school for gifted students in Denver.  Mary has spent most of her 30-year career in higher education.  She earned her B.A. degree at Stanford University, where she later served for 4 years as an Associate Director of Admissions, and 4 years as an Assistant Dean of Students. In addition, Mary held positions in the admissions offices at Colorado State University and the University of Denver.  Mary is also a certified Life Coach.

Mindy Solomon

Mindy Solomon

Mindy Solomon, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Denver.  She is currently the Clinical Program Director for the Eating Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado and has specialized in child/adolescent and family assessment and treatment since 2000.  Mindy became a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Study of Advanced Development in 2010, and has ongoing collaboration with the Gifted Development Center. Her article, “Are Individuals with Eating Disorders More Likely to be Gifted?” written for The GDC Newsletter in March, 2014, received a great deal of interest.  She has experience and expertise in the areas of assessment of gifted abilities, gifted development, program development, multi-family group treatment, family-focused therapy for eating disorders, body image, motivation enhancement and cognitive-behavioral interventions.  Research includes family correlates and outcomes in eating disorder treatment as well as novel treatments for adolescents with eating disorders.  

Linda Silverman

Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist.  She founded and directs the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development, and its subsidiaries, Gifted Development Center (GDC) and Visual-Spatial Resource in Denver, Colorado. In the last 35 years, she has studied over 6,500 children who have been assessed at GDC, the largest data bank on this population. This research enabled the creation of extended norms on the WISC-IV. In 1981, she originated the concept of the “visual-spatial learner” (VSL) and has created methods of identifying and teaching this population. Her Ph.D. is in educational psychology and special education from the University of Southern California. For nine years, she served on the faculty of the University of Denver in counseling psychology and gifted education. She has been studying the psychology and education of the gifted since 1961 and has written over 300 articles, chapters and books, including Counseling the Gifted and Talented, Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner and Advanced Development: A Collection of Works on Gifted Adults. Her latest book, Giftedness 101 (New York: Springer, 2013), went into third printing within 6 months of its release. A popular presenter, Linda has keynoted conferences in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, the U.S., and others.


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Nancy Miller

Nancy B. Miller, Ph.D., Associate, holds degrees in psychology and sociology and has received advanced training in family processes and children’s psychological adjustment. In 2008, she became Editor for Advanced Development, a journal on adult giftedness. From 2002-2006, she was Executive Officer for Sociologists for Women in Society and taught courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Akron, including socialization; children, youth and society; and sociology of the family. Her numerous publications focus on emotional development, gender and giftedness, women’s social support and adjustment, and family processes. She has worked with Dr. Silverman for the past 28 years and is committed to fostering children’s social and emotional development at home and at school. She brings a sociological perspective to the assessment of children at the Gifted Development Center.

Victor Taube

Victor Taube, Ph.D., CPA graduated from Ohio State University in 1958 with a B.S. degree in Business with a major in Accounting.  In 2005, an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy was conferred upon him by Stafford University.  After graduating from Ohio State University, he taught various accounting and tax courses in the Los Angeles area college system and then started an accounting practice which has spread nation-wide during his residencies in Los Angeles, CA, Raleigh, NC and Phoenix, AZ.  Currently, he files taxes for clients in 39 states and has clients in two foreign countries.  His practice includes assisting business clients with accounting issues and individuals and companies with tax issues.  He has been the outside independent accountant for ISAD for the past two years after giving gratis accounting advice for several years to the organization.  Victor has recently been named treasurer of the Board of Directors of ISAD.

Betty Maxwell

Betty Maxwell, M.A., is Advisor to the Board of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development (ISAD). Co-author of Picture It! Teaching Visual-Spatial Learner, with Crystal Punch, Betty helped develop the construct of the visual-spatial learner (VSL), tools for their identification (e.g., “Identifying Characteristics of Visual-Spatial Learners”) and concrete methods of teaching this group. A long time language arts teacher, Betty holds a Master’s degree in gifted education and taught for 15 years in a school for the gifted. She is also a certified psychosynthesis educator and counselor. 
Betty helped organize ISAD, Visual-Spatial Resource, Parents of Gifted Offspring (POGO), PG Retreat, the Visual-Spatial Learner Study Group, the Dabrowski Study Group and The Dabrowski Newsletter. She served as Vice-President of ISAD for 25 years, Associate Director of the Gifted Development Center (GDC), the second Editor of Advanced Development, Director of Visual-Spatial Resource, Creator of Dial-Log Consultation Service, counselor and examiner. Her deep interest in psychological aspects of development and self-actualization infused all aspects of our organization. Betty retired from the Gifted Development Center the summer of 2011.