Mission and Purposes

 Institute for the Study of Advanced Development



The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development (ISAD) is a nonprofit education and research corporation—501(c)3—directed toward uncovering the abilities in underserved populations, studying advanced development in children and adults, and fostering undeveloped potential in women.
Unlike the traditional view of adult giftedness as high levels of productivity and creativity, ISAD’s view of advanced development involves the deepening of the personality, strengthening of one’s values, broadening of one’s scope of responsibility, consciousness of the meaning of one’s existence, concern for others and commitment to service.  
Our purposes include:
  • To uncover and study the right-hemispheric visual-spatial abilities of underserved populations, such as Native American, Hispanic, Black, Asian and indigenous groups globally; gifted children with learning disabilities; individuals talented in any of the fine arts; and at-risk students.
  • To offer in-depth, comprehensive assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, learning style, self-concept, personality, disabilities, talents, and extreme levels of giftedness.
  • To offer low-cost assessment for low-income families and pro bono assessments to families in need.
  • To publish our professional journal, Advanced Development, publish books and articles related to our mission and contribute to the professional literature through books, chapters, research, articles and columns.
  • To initiate local, state, national and international networks of agencies serving the gifted.