Online G/T Teacher Training


Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education

An Online Program

Endorsed by ISAD



This intriguing course provides in-depth insight into the different world of the gifted child, essential to empowering teachers to work effectively with the gifted. It helps you build a comprehensive range of highly practical, high-interest skills for both identifying and teaching these children, from elementary to high school.


As a participant you are individually guided throughout by one of our highly experienced tutors. You have access to a wealth of resources. Every task, including the final assessment, relates directly to your own teaching situation. 


Developed in New Zealand, a country known for its innovative and child-centred approaches, the course - currently in its ninth year -  now has participants from several different countries.


Like to check it out? Go to the “Cert Effective Practice page” on, and you’ll find a detailed prospectus and testimonials, or email us at [email protected]