Gifted Grown-ups

Gifted and Grown-up

Advanced Development is a resource for parents and teachers of gifted children, therapists, counselors, and adults who are interested in personal growth and greater self-understanding.

Parents and Teachers of the Gifted

It is not surprising that many gifted adults are parents or teachers of gifted children. And many, like their children and their students, are passionate, intense, sensitive, and perceptive. They are striving for self-knowledge, and they struggle to live their lives based on higher values—empathy, compassion, responsibility, authenticity, and moral courage. Advanced Development contains accessible articles that parents and teachers have found helpful in better understanding their children and themselves.

Gifted Kids, Now Grown Up

Giftedness persists in adulthood. Gifted children grow up and the challenges of giftedness continue across the lifespan with new perspectives coming to the fore in roles as partners, parents, community members, professionals, and elders. Advanced Development provides food for thought about how giftedness, sensitivities, and developing morality affect the navigation of a career, relationships, and sense of self. 

A Search for Authenticity

Many gifted adults have never been formally identified as "gifted" yet they have unusually complex inner lives, full of intensity, empathy, and creativity. Often they are frustrated with their interactions with the world and with their own priorities. Advanced Development is a resource for those who struggle with intensities and perfectionism, who are learning to address the conflict between social expectations and personal values, and who seek continuing self-growth through a better understanding of themselves and others.
Do you think you might be a gifted adult?  Click here to complete the Giftedness in Adults Rating Scale!