Understanding and Supporting Gifted Adults


Research and Theory

Advanced Development provides a venue for theorists and researchers, in a variety of disciplines, to share their work with an audience of academics and practitioners. Our editorial staff is committed to working with authors toward publication of their manuscripts.


In Advanced Development, the views of theorists, such as Kazimierz Dabrowski, Carl Jung, Lawrence Kohlberg, Roberto Assagioli, Carol Gilligan, and Virginia Satir, have been presented, argued, and compared. Researchers, both quantitative and qualitative, have described their studies in the journal. Some of these include in-depth exploration of the lives of moral exemplars and the analysis of concepts such as creativity, perfectionism, empathy, and spiritual giftedness.


Giftedness in Mental Health Practices

One of the goals of Advanced Development journal (ADJ) is to recognize and address the unique issues that confront gifted adults. To this end, we aim to act as a forum for therapists, counselors, social workers, and health practitioners, as well as teachers, parents, and all those who seek to support the gifted.  Articles offer insight into the experience of being gifted.


Advanced Development, Volume 8, was devoted entirely to the topic of counseling gifted adults; authors in this volume present theoretical perspectives, therapeutic applications, and research insights into counseling the gifted. Other volumes of the journal also have many articles that relate to the counseling of gifted adults, applications of theory to counseling/psychotherapy, or models of intervention with gifted adults.