Volume 11: Social Issues of the Gifted

There was a remarkably international response to the theme for this volume. Never before has the journal had so many authors based outside the United States or writing about situations in other countries. It is clear that “social issues of the gifted” know no boundaries: difficulties with fitting in, developing positive self-esteem, and finding social support are cross-cultural. It’s not easy being gifted! In this volume Willem Kuipers, career coach and counselor in Voorburg, the Netherlands, introduces the concept of eXtra intelligence in “How to Charm Gifted Adults into Admitting Giftedness: Their Own and Somebody Else’s.” Polish scholar and proponent of feminine care ethics, Ewa Hyży, connects Dabrowski’s focus on emotion as the major driver of human development with the more recent feminine values movement in her well-documented article “Care Ethics and Kazimierz Dabrowski.”