Volume 14: Dabrowski and His Theory

Theory and research provide new insights into the life of Kazimierz Dabrowski and his Theory of Positive Disintegration and highlight his contribution to understanding psychological development, particularly in the gifted. Marjorie Battaglia’s life history of Dabrowski, based on her journey in his footsteps through Poland, deepens our awareness of influences on the theory. Michael Piechowski’s treatise investigates the roots of Dabrowski’s concepts of heightened experiencing (overexcitabilities) and “own forces” of autonomous self-determination. Kathee Jones relates stages of the hero in mythic narratives to Dabrowski’s dynamisms and levels of development. Research by Taylor Imburgia compares overexcitability scores of two gifted samples, and Linda Silverman and Nancy Miller provide an account of how people and events came together to make possible the publication of Advanced Development Journal. Their analysis shows the impact of Dabrowski’s theory on previously published papers. There is also a fascinating case study of a young gifted underachiever in Israel by Hanna David. Book reviews and poetry add to this remarkable issue of the journal.