Volume 9: Spirituality and Giftedness

Research into the relationship between spirituality and giftedness is a complex, embryonic, and multidisciplinary undertaking. This issue explores the phenomenon of spiritual awareness and its role in psychological, cognitive, affective, and moral development. In “Spiritual Intelligence: A New Frame of Mind,” Guest Editor Kathleen Noble equates spiritual intelligence with a quality of self-awareness that can improve one’s psychological health. Research reported by Sonja Jewkes and Imants Baruss in “Personality Correlates of Beliefs About Consciousness and Reality” revealed that those who are more inquiring, logical, and astute are more likely to believe in transcendent and spiritual matters. In “Childhood Experiences and Spiritual Giftedness,” Michael M. Piechowski reviews qualitative research on adult recollections of spiritual experiences in childhood. This particular volume was so well received that, after reading it, the editors of Psychological Abstracts requested copies of all the previous volumes to be entered into their data base.