Those of you who visited our old website know that we have produced hundreds of articles over the last 35 years. This section contains some of our recent articles. We will be continuing to add new articles, as well as revised versions of some of our classics.


In Overview of Giftedness, you will find introductory articles and general information on giftedness from the inside-out.


Parent Resources contains articles on parenting the gifted, advocacy, early childhood, as well as articles for gifted kids.


Psychological Needs is designed for counselors, therapists, gifted adults, and all those who are interested in the emotional needs of the gifted.


Twice Exceptional deals both with specific disabilities and general information about recognition, identification, assessment, interventions and strength-based education of gifted children with learning disabilities.


Highly and Profoundly Gifted covers unique issues of learners with an IQ above 145: the highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted.


Visual-Spatial contains articles to help teachers and parents learn how to better understand the minds and learning style of visual-spatial learners.


The Impact of Early Ear Infections on IQ Scores contains articles to help parents and teachers better understand the impact of auditory problems in children.


Many of our articles are newsletter length and can be reprinted in your newsletter (with appropriate attribution).